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Couples Pornication

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Watching Porn as a Couple | Adult Force One

Here’s a little secret. Your man watches porn. Okay, maybe it’s not much a well-hidden secret, but the fact remains that he watches porn. He masturbates to it, too, when you leave to go to Target or even maybe when you’re fast asleep. Maybe it’s up for open discussion in your relationship or maybe he feels the need to hide his porn watching from you. If the answer is the latter, then take a minute to ask yourself why? Why is porn watching considered a solitary and taboo sport? Why does he have to enjoy porn on his own? I watch porn and I proudly watch it with my man. I’m not ashamed because I relish it just as much as he does, if not more. 

Porn isn’t going anywhere, nor is your man ever going to stop watching porn. He’ll just hide it better. Or you’ll just turn a blind eye to it. The adage says if you can’t beat him, then why not join him? So, instead of feeling less of a woman because your man watches porn (every guy does) or browbeating him about his porn appetite why not be present the next time your man wants to watch a little erotica or a little somthin’ somthin’. You may even learn that you can actually enjoy porn and start having your own “alone time” while he’s out fishing with his buddies or at the gym. 

Porn can also be an amazing addition to your relationship and you can reap numerous benefits from watching porn with your significant other, if you just open your mind to what I call, “couple pornication.” Don’t believe me?  Here’s several reasons that will sway you from Team No Watch to Team Porn Watcher: 

  1. It opens the door to sexual discussion.  Many couples are rather shy when it comes to voicing their sexual fantasies, wants, or desires. Watching porn together creates a platform for either of you to discover your partner’s turn-ons and secret wishes with no fear of judgment. Knowing what makes your partner tick and what gets him off is a surefire way to create an unbreakable sexual bond. In turn, with your partner knowing how to make your toes curl and your eyes roll back inside of your head is definitely an incentive. It’s a win-win or porn-porn situation. 
  2. It allows you to be with “someone else.”  As humans, even in a relationship, we will always find other people sexy and attractive, but because we are in a relationship we refrain from cheating. The beauty of watching porn with your man is that you both get to fantasize about others, while actually have sex with the one you love. No harm, no foul. 
  3. It spices up your sexual repertoire. Watching porn will definitely teach you a thing or two that you and your man can enjoy together. Granted, not everyone is going to start wanting to get DP’d or have a threesome, but it will, at the very least, show you some new positions you’ve never tried before. There’s a lot to be learned when watching porn and together you can reach new levels of sexual ardor.
  4. It’s great foreplay. You have to have zero feeling in your nether regions to not get aroused by watching porn, especially a selection of your choosing that you’re both in agreement with. This is foreplay without even having to touch each other. It’s minimal effort to get your man all tight in his jeans and you all moist in your panties. The steamy scene onscreen quickly transfers its way into the bedroom. With porn playing in the background you become hyper sensitive making your lover’s touch highly erotic and the climax comes quickly but intensely and this is just 10 15 minutes into the porn.
  5. It can be re-enacted.  Yes, it’s amazing to watch porn and have sex in the mish style while the onscreen couple goes at it and switches positions every few minutes or so, but it’s even more amazing if you imitate their every move, their every kiss, lick, fondle, caress, and sexual position. This is such a turn on for both and allows for indirectly role-playing with your partner.     
  6. It allows for game night.  Once you’ve delved into the realm of pornography and have become accustomed to couple pornication, then you can spice it up with some games.  Instead of just attacking each other within the first 5 minutes of the porn, you can set up rules to make it a fun and sexy way to enjoy each other.  For instance, you can promise not to touch each other at all for the first 30 minutes of the movie.   This is hard to do, but trust me the heightened arousal makes for an explosive orgasm.  It’s your sex game, you make the rules.

Sex is the key element to a relationship and is the glue to keeping it whole and intact. While porn isn’t a requirement to ensure amazing sex it does add a carnal and passionate element to it. Now that you’ve decided to give couple pornication watching a whirl with your partner don’t be surprised if you find yourself having sex more often. However, if you tried it and you find you just can’t get into it, at least you courageously experimented.  Watching porn with your lover will bring you closer, both figuratively and literally.  It will strengthen your relationship and will lessen his “alone time,” because you’re now a willing participant in his fantasy, while creating your own.  Keep calm and pornicate on.

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