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Buy 5 Get 1 Free

Buy 5 Get 1 Free Deal!

When you buy 5 dvds at the same time from AdultForceOne, we will send you a free dvd for each 5 that you purchase. So if you purchase 10 dvds, we will send you 2 free, 15 dvds means 3 free, and so on and so on. We will also upgrade your shipping to priority for no extra charge which means you will be receiving your dvds much faster than first class
We pick the free dvd for you as we have dvds that we designate as free ones. We try our best to match the genres to what you have purchased as long as we have them in stock.  Be sure not to purchase your free dvds as you will not be refunded for your 6th one. You must pay for all dvds you win and when we package your order we throw in the correct amount of free dvds for your order. 
Any sets or packs count as 1 dvd  purchase.  Bluray purchases will receive a free dvd and not a free bluray. 
Thank you very much and happy shopping!!