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5 Guy Cream Pie 27

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If you're an old guy, you'll recall the "Vargas Girls," named after Esquire magazine's artist in the 40's. They were drawn with big round butts, child-bearing hips and shapely legs. Laurie is definitely a Vargas girl. Those fertile hips were made for two things: turning men on, and banging out kids. Maybe both! She doesn't seem to realize her risk as she giggles, strips naked and opens her legs. An ovulating Latina allowing five men to shoot their seed into her womb? No amount of birth control is going to be proof against those odds!

Studio: Kick Ass

Stars: Laurie Vargas, Trista Tanner, Tyla Wyn

Release Date: 04-10-2007

Related Terms: Cream Pie,Gangbang,Reality,Group Sex,18+ Teens,Barely Legal,Point Of View
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