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ATK Galleria 10 (ATK74)

  • $ 7.79

How can you go wrong with so many hotties on one DVD? Over a dozen scenes in 3 hours of sex with Amateur and Teen Kingdon's finest.It's not a whole bunch of plastic and fake porno models just putting on an act. This is the real deal, a lot of cute and innocent (or innocent looking) girls who have barely done any kind of porno before. There's a little bit of everything including solo girls, girl on girl, one handjob scene, 5 boy on girl, and Vanity who takes it in her pussy and the butt! It may be a babe you know, or just babes you wish lived next door!

Studio: Kick Ass

Stars: Georgia, Karlie, Adrienn, Spryte, Raven, Holly, London, Vanity, Natalia, Olga, Charlie, Katia, Brittney, Nourse

Category: Amateur

Release Date: 02-09-2010

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