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Bangkok Suckee Fuckee 8

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Bangkok is Home of the International Suckee Fuckee Summit - where A Little Bit of Suckee comes together with a whole Lot of Fuckee!! There is good reason why this summit is held in Thailand. Thai girls are the host countries "Little Brown Fucking Machines;" that represent their country well in both the suckee as well as the Fuckee theaters. Thai girls come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all handle their business well and love to get their hands on foreign man meat whenever the opportunity arises. NIcha (Covergirl) is one of the most luscious Thai whores ever. Her perfect figure, large natural rack and baby face alone are enough to spill pre-cum into the skivvies of any straight man. She is in the shower and massages her tits and hairless cunt, as she soaks in the tub and strips from her pink lingerie. She gets out by the pool where she strips completely naked; in hunt of some fat falang cock. She gets a mouthful of what she was looking for, and sucks it poolside before her juicy clam lays down and gets crammed full of foreign bred white meat. Her large titties shake as they go doggie and Cowgirl, before young Nicha uses her hand to muster up a thick wad, sprayed from the tip of his cock coating her entire chin. Her baby face stares into the camera as she rubs his cum all around. Linda is a bleached blonde Thai chick with a natural tan and dark chocolate colored nipple tips. Her pussy is soft and completely shaven down. She jams a couple fingers as she sucks on a stiff dong. She teases it and sucks it slowly, working the tip over well with her spit and her left tit. She uses her chocolate nipple tips and shallow cleavage to fuck his cock, before mounting it up and riding it hard. She yells "Oh yes" as he pounds away at her pussy feeding a taste to her malnourished mouth. Her bald beaver vacuums up his wang, as her nipple tips turn to hard crusted tootsie rolls. The two go long and hard, before he pulls out, fucks her face and blows a huge load in her mouth and all around the lower part of her face. The residual globs puddle up below her neck, which she uses as cream to coat her choco nippy tipped titties with. Sansanee is a very exotic Thai girl, laying on a bed and playing with her pussy under her blue jean skirt. She grabs for a purple vibrator that quickly penetrates her shit chute and gets buries deep inside her hungry butt canal. Her ass sweats its pungent juice, spilling it on her well manicured pubic pasture before she decides to show off some of her recently acquired English skills- "I want one cock in my pussy and one cock in my ass!" she proclaims; before 2 foreign dudes come in to give her almost everything she was looking for. While no cock ever makes it into her booty, her skinny frame sucks up one cock while her mouth handles the other, and both dongs blow up in tandem, one on each s ide of her face. The sperm globs coat her pretty face before slowly dripping off. Kanda has dark eyes, dark hair, and very dark pretty skin. She wades in a shallow pool outdoors in the the warm sunlight. Her big boobs bust from her bikini, as she makes her way out of the water and to the side of the pool, where she spreads her mostly hairless vagina open. She welcomes in a bright white wang that pounds her pussy, makes her thick hips shake and bounces her boobs like two over inflated flotation devices all around the pool. She pulls out his cock and rubs it around a bit, as icum sprays in her eye, hair and all around her lips. There is a Long Bonus Scene of Kanda sitting poolside at night; stripping out of her clothes, rubbing her meaty clit and cramming a thick dildo in and out of her slimy slit. "Little Brown Fucking Machines" All Bareback; Pussy to Mouth (PTM); Very Hot - All Natural and Very Horny Thai Girls!! Bangkok- Home of the International Suckee Fuckee Summit where A Little Bit of Suckee meets a Whole Lot of Fuckee!! Photo Gallery, Websites, Trailers, and Third World Media Online!!

Studio: Third World Media

Stars: Niche, Linda, Sansanee, Kanda

Director: Darren Morgan

Category: Asian

Release Date: 12-02-2009

Related Terms: Asian,Blowjobs,Threesomes,Amateur,Cumshots
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