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Buttman's Stretch Class 4

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Buttman is obsessed with the elasticity, pliability and gravity of the most intimate parts of the female form. The subjects of his sexy science experiments must possess ample, jiggly asses, tweakable nipples, vacuum assholes, and a desire for insertion of all manner of toys in all orifices. Cover girl Alexis arrives for her session at Buttman's studio/laboratory with all the variables: her big ass, perfect tits, cute smile, sexual attitude and delectable everything. If Buttman could build the perfect woman, it would be Alexis Texas. Some of the camera angles look like they were shot from a roving vehicle traversing the underside of her ass-cheeks as if covered by the overhang of a soft fleshy carport. Shiny butt plugs look like surreal tractors burrowing into ass tunnels that spread just enough to accommodate whatever physically improbable stretch is required to make objects disappear into suctioning sphincters. Buttman applies clothespins to pussy lips, ties up Anita Blue's pendulous breasts, hangs weighted clamps from her labia... always approaching each new act with a childlike fascination while asking: "what if..." or "I wonder what would happen...". He relaxes and enlists the lovelies as eager assistants having out-of-body experiences while probing their inner-bodies' depths like pioneers discovering terra nova. Raven haired beauty Bella Dellamorte adds an element of danger... full body tattoos, fishnets, multiple clit piercings and a tough look contrasted by her soft moans of ecstasy, the result of a self inflicted triple-penetration. Watching Bella with a jeweled butt plug planted deep in her ass, her pelvic thrusts in sync with her arms simultaneously yanking a purple dong into her pussy and canvassing her clit with a little bullet vibrator, is like seeing poetry in motion. Blonde cutie Katie Summers and gorgeous Allie Haze (in ass-hugging white, stretchy leotards), are the out-of-control group on Disc 2. Allie's pussy friction with a huge "magic wand" plug-in vibrator, a wild untamed thing gazing close-up into the camera while choking herself and uttering phrases like "pervertedly beautiful" remind us that Buttman is a master of both psyche and physique. Her self-induced gag on a huge dildo illustrates that every part of a woman's body has stretch potential, every orifice available for lubrication and insertion. The lustful lesson learned by the students, subjects and observers of Professor Buttman's Stretch Class experiment is that this fascinating, erotically charged two-disc set can make four-plus hours seem like mere minutes... it's the century-old theory of relativity.

Studio: Evil Angel

Stars: Alexis Texas, Anita Blue, Allie Haze, Katie Summers, Bella Dellamorte

Director: John Stagliano

Category: Anal

Release Date: 05-25-2010

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