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Camp Cutie 1

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WELCOME TO CAMP CUTIE So you wanna visit? There?s a few rules to get into Camp Cutie. First, you gotta be a hot girl. I mean all-natural hot, cuz we hate fake girls. Second, you gotta be a nudist. The less clothes the better, specially with Global Warming ya know? Third, you gotta be a slut! (giggle) We have a camp counselor who shoots dirty photos and videos of us. It?s fun posing for him. He likes to see us play with each other. Or sometimes he brings his friend Texxx and we get to have some REAL fun. Any way ya slice it mister, Camp Cutie rules!

Studio: Kick Ass

Stars: Carma Caine, Alexis Micino, Kylee Karr, Adrianna, Lisa Love, Lil Zoe, Molly Mae

Category: 18+ Teens

Release Date: 08-14-2007

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