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Crouching Woman Hidden Face

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In Part 1 of this video, Mistress Tori Sinclair is pissed at her pathetic hubby Bubba for not finishing her website. She demands an explanation and begins to smother the life out of him! She forwards and reverse smothers him until his head turns bright red, suffocating him with her beautiful ass. She uses hand over mouth to smother him along with her breasts for LONG periods of time, causing him to almost pass out several times. She grabs his cock and balls and threatens to yank them off if he doesn't give a good reason why he hasn't finished her site. She slaps his face and continually verbally abuse him throughout the torment. Tori then moves Bubba onto a chair and plants her ass down on his face, saying he could at least pleasure her since he wasn't good at anything else, so she rides his face, sliding her pussy and ass across it back and forth and CUMS LOUD! After she recovers, she then decides to ride him around into the living room, making him bounce up and down, sliding her across his back, further stimulating her. After a few minutes of making him whinny like a horse in front of the mirror, she begins to moan in ecstasy and CUMS AGAIN HARD on his back, finishing him off with a strangle headlock! Poor Bubba better finish the site soon if he plans on living. Hot Erotic Smother and Ponyboy scenes. Great Camera angles put you in the movie with Mistress Tori as she talks directly into the camera, telling you what a piece of shit you are and then sits down on the camera smothering your face her gorgeous ass and pussy!

Studio: Roman Video

Stars: Bubba, Tori Sinclair, Mistress Mia

Category: Fetish

Release Date: 03-20-2014

Related Terms: Fetish,Face Sitting,Domination,Amateur
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