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Girls On Girls

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English model Leah K is back and this time she is with local Dutch model Aletta. Waking up next to Aletta is many people??s dreams. Leah K does what any of us would do and starts trying to wake her up for some sexy fun between the sheets. See blonde hair mix with brown hair as the two ladies spread themselves across the sheets and explore each other??s bodies with their mouths and fingers. How a normal after shower routine, where one friend helps the other put cream on her back turned into sex, we have no idea, but if we work it out we would have the formula for ??super sex!?? (quote by Lacie). There were long fingers versus small hands, Big boobs versus little boobs, but which is better? There was only one way to find out FIGHT!!! These girls tear into each other, wrestling all over the bed! Pussies were slurped, bottoms were spanked and orgasms were enjoyed by both! You will be exhausted when you have finished watching this. There was peach fuzz, tribbing, soft kissing, hard kissing, more tribbing, 69, spanking, hard fingering, hair pulling, sweat and giggles! As a word of warning you may wish to turn your volume down as these girls had each other screaming and begging throughout. ??You'll make me crazy doing that, go ahead do it again!?? screamed Merel.

Studio: Abby Winters

Stars: Aletta, Lacie, Leah K., Merel

Release Date: 08-07-2012

Related Terms: Lesbian,Girl On Girl,European,Reality,Amateur,18+ Teens,Barely Legal,Petite,Small Tits
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