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Oral Consumption 5

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This movie stars 12 young ladies with an oral fixation seldom seen in adult! Mike John & Khan Tusion take oral consumption to a new level! These girls enthusiastically do rim jobs, toe sucking, dick sucking, and more! They don't just eat hairy shit-holes, they go on mining expeditions. Anabolic (proudly?) continues our patented Big-toe & Dick-in-mouth at same time as well as the awe inspiring Big toe Ass to mouth merry-go-round. Observe these glutinous girls feast on grungy, grody feet (worthy of embarrassment, cocks, balls and the dessert de jour steaming spew. Don't miss Danley's dastardly deed as she devours Marcus' dermatological dysfunctional digits.

Studio: Anabolic

Stars: Shyla, Keri Windsor, Judy Star, Danley Hayes, Victoria Woods, Eva Morales, Nina Rome, Venus, Catalina

Category: Oral

Release Date: 09-03-2002

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