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Tales Of Cheating Wives 7

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Blonde Misa lovely rack creates a sensation at every rock concert she attends where hubby is a drummer. When her man is on the road she meets a dude who shows her how to play the guitar. He also teach her other things, like how a stiff dick can satisfy her tight hungry pussy and is the perfect tool for anal. Luba's husband is not a musician, but he is also away from home most of the time.. His young wife doesn't want to cheat. She just get the overwhelming feeling that her pussy must be filled up to the rim by a hard cock. She's so horny at times she doesn't mind giving away her little precious butt hole. Oh well, how will husband ever know! Two of Luba's girlfriends Donna and Sabina think exactly the same; They have been cheating with different guys. Now addicted to the big orgasms they get on a regular basis they want to be fucked real hard in all their wet orifices. It's the only remedy for chasing the blue of being left alone!

Studio: Boudoir Secrets

Stars: Misa, Luba, Donna, Sabina

Category: Housewives

Release Date: 12-02-2014

Related Terms: Housewives,All Sex,Big Tits,Blowjobs,Tit Fucking
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