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Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit Purple

  • $ 21.84

Start small finish strong. A great 3 piece plug set Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit was specifically designed to allow you to work your way up the spectrum. Each plug is uniquely shaped to deliver distinct sensations the smallest is smooth and straight the perfext starting point the medium is a perfect midpoint mimicking the large on a smaller scale and packing a single bump and the large is more substantial with 2 exciting bumps texturing the lengthy neck.

All three are flexible for the best possible positioning but firm enough to penetrate easily. A very distinct base on each allows you to play safely.

The design is really good for beginners! Starting with the first of the three pieces, it measures in at 5" and has nothing but a smooth texture with no contouring, right to the base. The second one measures in at 5 1/2" and is roughly about 3/4" thick at its thickest point, excluding the base. There is a slight bit of contouring about half way down, too. The third one is 7" tall with a width of about 1 1/8". The contours are more aggressive, and about double that of its previous size. Overall, the graduating sizes make it perfect for beginners. The design is functional and appropriate, and is quite flexible inside, when being used, to help alleviate any discomfort. As you move up in sizes, too, the material stays flexible, but becomes more rigid as you go.

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